Are you aware that your golf cart should be serviced every 12 months to prevent salt corrosion build-up as well as expensive future repair? This is especially important in the Lowcountry due to the salt air which can damage your cart even if it is kept in the garage. 

 Service includes:

  • Lubricate and grease all 29 pivot points on LSVs and 18 points on golf carts.
  • Check and clean differential breather.
  • Check front and rear brakes.
  • Check emergency brake adjustment and cable condition.
  • Check brake system for correct pedal height and pressure.
  • Check all fluids including rear differential and brake fluid.
  • Check all battery connections for corrosion and electrolyte levels.
  • Check the state of charge (volt reading) on the batteries.
  • Check vehicle front end alignment.
  • Check tire pressure and wear.
  • Check all switches to ensure they are operating correctly including: key switch, forward/reverse switch, headlight and directional, windshield wiper and brake switches.
  • Check for any loose fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws)


The following checklist is for ALL carts:

☐  Note mileage IN _____ OUT _____

☐  Note any damage on cart on arrival

☐ Speed: Key 1 _____ Key 2 _____            ☐  Brakes

☐  Lights                                                         ☐  Turn Signals

☐  Seatbelts                                                   ☐   Mirrors

☐  Water in Batteries                                     ☐ Clean Batteries

☐ Battery Voltage 1 _____ 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ 5 _____ 6 _____ 7 _____ 8 _____

☐ Battery Cables for Corrosion                     ☐ Check Battery Algorithm Charge 

☐ Battery Protectant                                      ☐  Tire Pressure

☐ Windshield Wiper                                       ☐ Radio

☐ Check Differential Breather                       ☐ Parking Brake

☐ State of Charge Meter                               ☐ Dome Light

☐ Alignment                                                   ☐ Check Rear Differential for Leaks

☐ Grease Fittings                                          ☐ Wash Cart/Shine Wheels 

☐  Charge Cart                                             

☐  Drive cart one last time before loading onto trailer.

☐  All carts are to be inspected by another technician before delivering.

Notes for the Customer:

  • Re-tighten lug nuts after 10 miles.
  • Club Car and EZGO owners: It is okay to leave charger plugged in.
  • LSV owners: Once cart is fully charged UNPLUG charger. When you are not going to use the cart for a period of time do put cart in tow mode. This is better for your batteries.

 Instructions for Maintaining Batteries:

  • Cart should be used regularly to maintain healthy batteries.
  • Charge batteries before watering.
  • Battery level should be checked once a week.
  • Water level should be one-half inch above plates in each cell.

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